At Genex we believe in Quality, Reliability, Durability

and great customer service. A name means a great deal in today’s marketplace. We put our name, Genex, on our cable as the best way of giving you our word that we stand behind our product. So when you see our Genex brand name on your cable you can be assured of superior power and signal performance.

Our Sales Associates are dedicated people

utilizing creative ideas in industry-leading services and products to help solve your application’s toughest problems.

Our Comprehensive Website lets you

select the exact cable products to match your application. Cross references to major catalog houses allows you to take advantage of lower cost alternatives with quality products priced to be effective in today’s marketplace. Genex’s commitment to its online catalog assures up-to-date product listings, specifications and general information to flow where and when it is needed.

For more Information on application specific

Constructions, gauge sizes, conductor or pair counts and shielding options Just click on our products tab which will take you to our extensive online catalog or Call Us Today with your wire, cable and tubing requirements!